2011 BMW Alpina B7 Luxury Sedan

2011 BMW Alpina B7 Luxury Sedan Review, BMW Alpina B7’s is a true master of the universe for the business. To the casual observer, it’s buttoned down, the class of the conference hall 7-series with a bit of decoration. But if whipped into action car detailing, these lines Armani sedan turns in running shorts and a wing is down, as the Nike Free.

Specially stitched steering wheel connects the driver to the soul, B7. On-center steering anguish and telegraph. When the wheel rotates on the top, it’s fun 4500-pound sedan with the agility of the third series. There is no body roll or the whip of the tail is sufficient to deter the manager of the mission. Thanks to the dual turbine on duty, a serious push to start at 2500 rpm.

BMW / Alpina relations have developed to produce high-viability of grass with maximum efficiency. Instead of changing the standard car to be special, Alpina offers a variety of components for the factory 7-Series in Dingolfing, Germany, BMW, to come together. Almost finished B7s – available in short and long wheelbase with rear-or all-wheel drive – is directed Alpina Buchloe work for some final touches.

Alpina bill of materials includes a cylinder of heat processed blocks, special cylinder head, turbocharger with larger compressor wheel, and the intercoolers of the heat capacity of 50 percent more. In this section, in concert with an increase of 25 per cent higher, produces 500 hp at 5500 rpm, 100-HP advantage over the standard 750i. Heavy six-speed automatic transmission ZF, bigger brakes, body buffer, short and stiffer springs and a new algorithm for active damping and stabilizer bar full of drive and chassis mods.

Inside, the steering wheel is trimmed with genuine leather and blue-green stitching. Five Alpina-logo badges are added, and the board ID number attached to the console loads. Dash and door panels are available in piano black lacquer or veneer Berlio found on the west coast of the bay tree.

Exterior upgrades include front and rear spoilers, rear extractor small, cool and appropriate rolling stock. Alpina Classic turbine wheel spokes are wrapped in the twenty-one-inch Michelin Pilot Sport radial exempt from FL in capability. rear tires one size larger than the fattest tires available in the standard 750S.

Anticipating the inevitable, Alpina Sales Director Chris Odwarka B7 pumping test our car tires to 49 pounds per square inch required to use a high speed. Back supports, we played cat and mouse with the M6 ??on the autobahn in Buchloe. With the engine humming a refrain from hard metal, we looked at the speedometer to 293 km / h (182 miles / hour) and our friend BMW shrink in the rearview mirror.

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